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Raw Material Testing

Superlit subjects all raw materials used in the production of its pipe and fittings to a series of tests to ensure they comply with the required specifications.
The raw materials used in the production of pipe, couplings and fittings are:
  • Resin
  • Glass Fiber
  • Silica Sand
  • Catalyst
  • Accelerator
  • Rubber (for coupling gaskets)
All raw materials are supplied with vendor certification. Superlit then undertakes a further series of checks and tests on a lot/batch basis in its accredited laboratories. If there is any non-compliance, the raw materials are rejected.
Traceability of raw materials through the production process is essential. Records are kept of each raw material delivery, the vendor certification, and the results of Superlit’s own internal tests. Strict controls are in place to record the batch/lot numbers of raw materials as they enter the production process.
Details of the specific tests applied to key raw materials are given below.


Test Standard
Determination of viscosity ASTM D 2196:05 Method A
Determination of reactivity ASTM D 3056:05
Determination of solid content TL 6.01-CTP33

Glass Fiber

Test Standard
Determination of tex number and weight per unit area ISO 1889:97
ISO 3374:00
ISO 9073-1:89
Determination of moisture content ISO 3344:97
Determination of binder content ISO 1887:95
Note: Tex is a unit measure of the linear mass density of fibres.

Silica Sand

Test Standard
Determination of bulk density TL 6.01-CTP32
Determination of particle size distribution
Determination of moisture content

Catalyst and Accelerator

All deliveries of catalyst and accelerator are checked for both consistency and reactivity.

Rubber Gasket

EPDM gaskets are checked for consistency of appearance, weight, hardness and dimension. All gaskets must be free of defects or irregularities which could effect their function.
Further information on gasket testing can be found in product testing.

Process control Product testing

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